Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank You Real Life Church

Real Life Church- January 4-11, 2012
Team Leader: Orlando Flores, Jim Barrett

We are always thankful for the investment Real Life Church has made to partner with G.O. They work in a place that many know. Hoyo de Bartola, also known as, The Hole. The work they do to support Pastor Felix is invaluable to the Kingdom.

Each day they visit The Hole and encourage and pray for the kids and families while also helping with the daily feeding of the children in the Nutrition Center. Because of Real Life's support (along with several other churches and individuals) over 100 children receive a one hot and nutritious meal, six days a week. To help with Pastor Felix's ministry, the team helped organize a Dominoes Tournament at the church to bring men in and plant seeds that we pray will take root and bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

Their construction project was demolition at our first church and dorm ever. The dormitory we are tearing down once belonged to the Gabriel Family. Today it is scheduled to become the new site for the G.O. Medical Complex.

Thank you Real Life for your service to the Kingdom and to the Lord's work in The Hole!

Momentum Christian Church Arrives

Momentum Christian Church- January 3-10
Team Leader: Colleen Whitelaw

Welcome Momentum Christian Church! This team, from California, led by Colleen Whitelaw is in the Dominican Republic from January 3-10. We are so blessed to have this team with us. They spent their day doing ministry and seeing the vision and future plans for our ministry center in Phaeton, Haiti. During their week they have also worked alongside Pastor (and Caribbean President) Eduard Gabriel and undergirding his work and leadership at the Central Church.

Their helped continue the ongoing construction to finish our Central Church project. They also showed a movie in Spanish and had a "make your own sundae" night at church. Thank you Momentum for for your dedicated work to furthering the Kingdom!