Team Leaders- Updated!

Ongoing Monthly Reminders (newest reminders at the top)

Documents that should be sent to our G.O. Ministries headquarters before your trip:
  • Basic team info. (page 5 of leader guide)
  • Team signed Covenant (page 6)
  • Adult Release and Idemnification Agreements
  • Copy of Team Roster
Team Leaders, please make copies of the Release Form and have each team member read and sign the Team Member Release and Idemnification Agreement.  Once you have all signed copies, please send them along with a copy of your team roster to our G.O. Ministries headquarters at:   G.O. Ministries Inc.   ATTN:  Cathi Christopher
11501 Plantside Drive, Suite 14
Louisville, KY  40299   

 Airfare deadlines
Please pay special attention to the invoices you receive from Lynn at Advantage Travel. Make sure you take note of the deadlines listed. Once you are inside 45 days of travel and have not paid for your tickets you will lose not only the tickets but your deposit. If you have any questions email Lynn. 

The importance of a Co-leader
We want to encourage each team leader to recruit a co-leader. It is so valuable to have two leaders working together towards the overall goals of the team. If you are the leader and your gift is spiritual encouragement we'd challenge you to find someone to coordinate the details of the trip. If you are a logistics powerhouse then we'd also challenge to find someone who will help with the spiritual encouragement of the team before, during, and after the trip. A great advantage is that it will lighten the load of responsibilities for you as well as better the experience of the team as a whole. If you assign a co-leader please send their information to us so we can be sure to coordinate with you both. Happy Coordinating!

Teams Without an Official Church or Organization:
Please remember, as the Team Leader, it is your responsibility to collect all funds on behalf of your team members and send them into G.O. Ministries 3 weeks prior to your trip. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECKS IN EARLIER. We ask that you have all checks made payable to G.O. Ministries, Inc. Please keep a spreadsheet to log and keep track of those giving towards the trip so you can keep track of all the checks you are receiving. 3 weeks prior to the trip, send all the checks TOGETHER with a note stating your trip name and dates of your trip.

Team Covenants:
All 2012 covenants will need to be signed by the Team Leader and another leader of the organization.  They can not both be signed by one person.
Please look carefully over the covenant agreement that you and another Pastor of the church have signed and all the items you have agreed to. If you choose to book your airfare through your own travel agent your itinerary must be submitted to  prior to the tickets being booked. No exceptions.

Teams Traveling to the Bateys or Staying in Hato del Yaque
Please remember your mosquito nets and bug spray! You may also want to bring a battery operated personal fan for sleeping.

Color Coding Your Luggage
Summer teams- while at the airport in Miami you may notice as many as 2 or 3 other groups in the same G.O. T-shirts as your group! Each week this summer we are hosting several different teams and while each team will be housed in a seperate location it is likely you will all arrive in Santiago together. To help us get the luggage to the right dorms this summer please use the following ribbon colors forEVERY piece of luggage traveling with your team. When you receive your itinerary from Jackie it will clearly state which dorm and ribbon color you should use.
Santiago Main Dorm- RED RIBBON
Santiago Central Dorm- BLUE RIBBON
Santiago The Bunk House- YELLOW RIBBON
Hato del Yaque Dorm- GREEN RIBBON
Bateys- not applicable- you're the only team traveling to Santo Domingo!! 

Forms to Bring with You
Team leaders need to collect a copy of each team member's passport and medical release form in case of an emergency on the field.  Please put these in a folder and bring them with you on your trip.

We ask that you PLEASE remind your team members to not bring laptops and keep cell phones and blackberry use confined to the dorm rooms only. We also ask that you remind teams if they have internet capabilities on their phones to please refrain from its use while on the field. This has become an increasing issue. Take this time to remind the team of the importance of "unplugging" from the world, leaving all distractions behind and focus on the mission trip and serving... for the Glory and renown of the LORD!