Coordination Team

Your Coordination Team

We want to make sure your team is prepared for your time in the Dominican or Haiti so you can encounter God and encourage our national partners.  We have a great team to work with you from the day you begin recruiting, to your time on the field, and then to your debriefing when you return home. 

Let us introduce who you will be working with!  Your initial contact will be with Jackie Perez, Executive Director of Teams & North American Partnership. She will work with you to arrange the date and location that works best with your team. Our office in Louisville will send a Team Leader's Resource packet out and Jackie will follow up with you to give an overview of how we partner with nationals through missions, the goals of our trips, and to answer any questions you may have. Kathy Siebert, Director of Teams or Lenae Gabriel, Coordinator of Teams and Children's Ministry will then contact you to begin coordinating all of the logistics of your trip. Audrey Partin, Administrator of Finances for Teams will be in contact with you as well to handle all financial details for your trip and will take care of the invoicing and reconciling of your trip payments. You will have a lot of conversations with these gals as you prepare your team. 

You will work with a wide variety of GO Missionaries in the Dominican Republic and Haiti as they lead you and your team in working alongside of Local Leaders to Redeem people, Renew communities, and Restore Creation. 

We are excited about your trip and are praying for your preparations.  Please let Kathy know if you have any questions at

Jackie Perez, Executive Director of Teams 
and North-American Partnership

Kathy Siebert, Director of Teams
Lenae Gabriel, Coordinator of Teams
and Children's Ministry
Audrey Partin, Administrator of Finances
for Teams